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Matouk Bassiouny Has Your Back

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it feels as though this global pandemic has turned societies upside down. In such exacting times, inspirational, purpose led leadership provides guidance, inspires confidence, gives support, and enables innovation. To do any of this, leaders need to take extra care in choosing trustworthy advisors that are equipped to help navigate times of crises.

As such, Matouk Bassiouny is committed to fulfilling the four principles of a “Trusted Advisor”, as defined by Charles H. Green:

    • We are credible because we are a legal practice of incredibly talented, motivated, passionate, well educated, locally qualified, regionally relevant, diverse, multicultural professionals.
    • We are reliable because we are committed to the success of our clients and will make ourselves available 24/7 come rain or shine.
    • We are intimate because our firm values our clients’ secrets.
    • We are trust worthy because our service provision and client care are not self-orientated. We are not in the business of selling lawyers, but of providing cost-efficient, time-saving, business-friendly and regionally-relevant solutions. Our business model is a practical partnership in which we “team up” with our clients.

We all need reassurances and comfort in these times of uncertainty, and that is why Matouk Bassiouny is committed to serving as your trusted advisor throughout thick and thin.

In this spirit, we attach our legal guides to navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in Algeria (MB-SH), Egypt (MBH), Sudan (MBAIH) and UAE (MBI).


MBH COVID-19 LEGAL GUIDE – EGYPT (16 April 2020)

MBI COVID-19 LEGAL GUIDE – UAE (16 April 2020)


Message by: Mahmoud Selim, Partner and Regional Head of Compliance and Investigations, Dubai Office

Legal Guides by: MBAIH, MBH, MBI and MB-SH Legal Teams


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